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Shop fitting is the setting up of configurations inside of a retail outlet as per the needs of the owner and other users. Many owners opt to handle their own shop fitments while others hire out commercial interior designers or electrical services to get the arrangements done. The parent company which is setting up chains of outlets and franchises will send in specialists who work towards fitting the different branches with specific interiors as per the instructions of the company. Shop fittings tend to be extended as they consist of several elements that comprise of fixtures, decorative elements and furniture items.

Assessment of retail space

The first step in shop fittings is to assess the overall space that is available which includes taking detailed measurements and evaluating the fixtures and walls that are available. With all the necessary information one progresses to rough out the design layouts. The layout will also be determined by the nature of products and services being offered at the store. For instance, if the outlet is for a retail clothing store there would be need for storage as well as counter space and dressing rooms. Hardware stores usually need a different layout by electrical contractors in Adelaide in comparison.

Interior design

The drawings of interior design need to be drawn up next. These need to be detailed and include the specifications of the different layout elements. Besides the color schemes that are needed for decorating as well as art that should be part of a space, there are other specifications that need to be provided by the trained commercial electrician in Adelaide and others who need to look into different fixtures. When the design features are ready the installation of the different appliances can be done. Refinishing of the walls as well as floors and display window arrangements also form part of the retail interior décor.

Design concerns

When the shop fitting is being done, there might be minor changes that need to be looked into. In certain cases there might be space constraints that might become an issue and the designer or contractor needs to find a way to work out a solution.

Flexibility factors

Many store designers build in flexibility in the retail fitments. For instance, the store racks could be fitted with wheels so that the store owner is able to move these around and rearrange them as necessary. Shop fittings are nowadays made with design features and fixtures that are movable. As a result, these can help to bring about changes without having to haul down the entire interior fitment of a store. For getting hold of commercial design services, it is easy to look up online directories where one can find the different firms or individual professionals who offer such services.

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