Marina Fassbinder/ July 8, 2015/ Electrical Services

Rather than looking for electrical emergency services, you can live worry free if you ensure electrical safety in your home. You can’t probably imagine living at least a single day without electricity because electricity is an indispensible part of your life. It is so common in homes that many homeowners don’t understand the safety issues that can arise due to improper wiring, poor maintenance, faulty installation and incorrect operation. If you have kids and pets, always protect the outlets to prevent them from poking inside the holes.

Take care of appliance cords
The cords in the appliance carry the current from the power outlet to the appliance and they can get damaged over time. It is never safe to let the cords get wet even when the cords are new. At any point of time, the cords and their extensions should stay away from water. If you can visibly see the damage in the cords, don’t delay to call an electrician. If you decide to dispose the appliance, make sure that you use proper disposal methods.

Avoid piggy back connections
Over a period of time, you will only realize that you need more power outlets. Many homeowners use double adapter connections to power more than appliance through a single power outlet. While this can be a temporary solution, you shouldn’t use it permanently. If you find yourself using extension cords all the time, then it is time to call an electrician to install new power boards. Power boards with built in safety devices will ensure that power outlet is never overloaded.

Install safety switches and test them frequently
In case of any electrical issues, the first thing you have to attempt is switching off the power supply. This is easier with a safety switch. So, you should always install the safety switch. Having a safety switch doesn’t always guarantee safety. You have to test it from time to time to ensure that it works. It is best to test your safety switch at least once in three months. If the switch turns off the power, it is working correctly.

Hire professionals for wiring and installation
Most of the electrical damages are caused by improper wiring. This can happen if you choose electrical companies that provide cheap services. When you hire electrical services, ensure that you hire licensed and professional tradesmen. This will ensure that you get the best service with warranty. Proper installation will ensure that the circuits are grounded and protected from water leaks. Also, it is required by law that you hire only licensed professionals to carry out all electrical tasks.

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