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Air conditioners have become one of the most commonly used luxuries in the world depending upon various weather conditions. People are very much accustomed to air conditioners that they are even using air conditioned vehicles for travelling and using public places with air conditioners. People are not able to adjust to changes in climatic conditions and depending on air conditioners in their life. Air conditioners with split system installation are present at almost every home now a day’s. Apart from individual homes most of the public places like shopping malls, cinema theaters, schools and hospitals etc. are also provided with air conditioners. For corporate offices containing large data centers and IT equipment with internet air conditioners are mandatory as maintaining optimal temperature is important for failure free machinery. Ducted heating installation or ducted cooling installation units are mainly preferred for these large spaces. These units are monitored with automation system to avoid failures.

This excessive usage of air conditioners has increased various problems in the human life and also to the environment. Maintaining extremely low and high temperatures have led to health problems in many people and major breakdown of health in few occasions. The respiratory system of people can be affected due to usage of air conditioners with split system installations as they are confined to a limited area and air inflow is very less with limited recirculated again. Air conditioners with split system installation and ducted heating installation can reduce the humidity in the air and cause dryness similar to desserts. Know more about electrical services in Melbourne, at

Air conditioners with ducted heating installation systems are difficult to maintain and hence lot of air borne fungi and bacteria exist in air ducts or outlets designed. Cleaning of these air ducts in ducted heated installation is a mandatory process which is followed by very few people regularly. This causes various diseases as skin irritations and various skin disorders. As the ducted heating installations are mainly used for larger spaces and air is recirculated in the same space, various infections are spread over to people in these public spaces. The air conditioners cause slower burning of energy which is leading to rise of obesity in people. The amount of electricity used for these purposes. Based air conditioners is very high and it has become an energy load for most of the countries. High quality Melbourne heating and cooling coils that are commonly used in to contain chlorofluorocarbons which lead to the ozone layer destruction. On an average 20% of the electricity consumption goes for air conditioners in Australia.

There is nothing wrong in using air conditioners for efficient purposes but excessive usage of these things has led to global warming. People can use alternate ways like air coolers or heaters instead of air conditioners which can reduce the harm for humans and environment. The electricity consumption can be limited to a very low extent by reducing the usage of air conditioners by which most countries can be provided electricity for basic needs.

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